Game type Classification


Casino service and history


Stunning visual effects! Gorgeous graphics and animation, light and shadow interleaving special effects, bring you absolute visual enjoyment. Every detail is carefully designed to make you feel as if you were in a real casino.


Feel the passion between red and black! Roulette is revered for its simple yet suspenseful gameplay. You simply bet on the roulette wheel, choose a number, color, or other specific combination, and wait for the results to be revealed.


Challenge the top players! Poker offers the opportunity to compete with top players from around the world. Show off your poker skills and smarts by competing against top players in poker tournaments, competitions or challenges.


Easy to understand, easy to get started! The rules of Baccarat are very simple, you just bet and wait for the result. Without having to worry about complex strategies and techniques, Baccarat makes it easy for everyone to participate and enjoy the game.

Dice Games

Online convenient fun! You can play dice games anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone or computer. Without going to a physical casino, you can enjoy the fun of dice games and experience the charm of gambling anytime and anywhere.

Catch fish

Variety of fish, variety of weapons! The fishing game offers many different kinds of fish, each with a unique look and behavior. At the same time, you can choose a wide variety of weapons and props to catch target fish, making your fishing trip more varied and fun.

Gambling terminology

These are some common gambling terms, and there may be other specific terms and expressions for different types of gambling activities. Knowing and being familiar with the terminology involved in gambling can help players better understand the rules and processes of the game.

  • Casino: A place that provides gambling entertainment and gaming facilities. It can be a physical local casino or an online casino.

  • Bet: The act of betting or investing money in a gambling activity.

  • Dealer: A casino worker who hands out cards or manages the flow of a board game.

  • Odds: refers to the possibility of events and the corresponding payout ratio in gambling activities. Odds can indicate the rate of return on a bet or the likelihood of winning.

  • Jackpot: A pool of winnings accumulated in some games, usually made up of a portion of a player's bet, which can be obtained under certain conditions.

  • Return to Player (RTP) : The percentage of bets in a game that are expected to be returned to the player based on statistics. A higher return rate indicates a higher return on the bet.

  • Betting Limit: A minimum and maximum limit on a single bet or game at a casino. The bet limit can vary depending on the casino and variation of the game.

  • Rakeback: In some poker games, the casino takes a percentage of each prize pool as revenue.

  • "Empty hand" : refers to a failure in a card game such as blackjack in which the total number of cards in a player's hand exceeds 21 points.

  • Free Bet: A free bet offered by a casino, usually to attract new players or reward existing players.